Blue Sky Aerial Services

is a Commercial SUAV operator available for survey work for building maintenance,

Roof Inspections, planning, land mapping, crop health & agriculture.

Film and photography for all uses, from a single aerial shot to full 4k video, a fly through of a golf course or a video of a wedding venue. 

​Sometimes a drone maybe not permitted to fly, for example in a congested area, CAA regulations may make it difficult to perform a drone flight safely, but all is not lost, we can offer a camera pole service that uses the same camera spec as the drone's and can be controlled remotely so it has the same zoom, pan, and tilt function and 4K capability. 

​Also, the aerial video or photography of your buildings and land can be converted to a 3D model, enabling you measure distance, height and volume. 

CAA Approved UAS 4236

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