Roof & Building Inspection

Using a Drone or Pole Camera roof inspections become allot cheaper and easier than using scaffold or cherry pickers.


A loose slate or blocked gutter can cause expensive damage to the property so the sooner its spotted the more chance there is of avoiding large repair bills. 

Using the Drone or pole camera either video or high res still images can be supplied, for bigger or more complex problems a fully interactive 3D model can also be provided.

Mapping & Crop Health

Using Aerial photography high res ground maps can be produced in 2D or 3D, allowing you to take measurements. See contour lines and even the health of plants.


Using the latest software, a drone can run the same mission repeatedly, this means comparisons can be made from one date to another, ideal for building progress reports, see the progress from month to month

Video & Stills

Using a Drone or camera pole stunning aerial photos and video can be produced of a wedding venue or a special event.


Or a photograph of a property, a time lapse video or maybe a sporting event. 


With video up to 4K and high & resolution pictures its always going to look good. 

Pole Camera

Sometimes it is not possible or not desirable to use a Drone, With very strict regulations it could be that permission can not be granted to fly in a restricted area, or it is not safe to fly, it could be the sound of a Drone flying is not desirable, e.g. when filming or photographing a wedding or outdoor event. Using a telescopic pole with a 

remotely controlled camera aerial filming 

and photography is still possible. 

CAA Approved UAS 4236

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